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Vet's Lawyer Comments on Lawsuit Video link


DARPA Wants to Install Transcranial Mind Monitoring Control in Helmets


“Parameters,” US Army War College Quarterly
The "data" the body receives from external sources--such as electromagnetic, vortex, or acoustic energy waves--or creates through its own electrical or chemical stimuli can be manipulated or changed just as the data (information) in any hardware system can be altered.

This is a great declassified explanation of electromagnetic weaponry and human experimentation without subject’s consent.
Capt. Paul E. Tyler

The links below take you directly to the pages containing the applicable laws at Michigan State Legislature’s website.

Brief of Michigan's Electromagnetic Weapon Law

Michigan Law 4513

Paragraph k addresses electronic and electromagnetic weapons Act 256 2003, effective 2004.

Penalties Part 4514


INTEL: Developing 'Brain Chip'
Intel states "by 2020, brain chips should be available for the consumer."


Missouri Law Against Involuntary Microchipping
Videos of microchipping, Fox News and Australian 60 minutes,
pictures of many removed covert human microchip implants,
and pictures of cancer allegedly cause by implanted human microchips.

Includes enclosures, paints, bedding, and absorbers.

Newsweek Cover Story
Gleaning thoughts from the electrical activity of the brain, brain mapping, and injecting thoughts through electromagnetic waves.

They restrict or retard you the reader from information in anyway they can. In this article they would only present, the first few sentences to distract and derail you from the information, which is stating something humorous, conveying the future is here today.

Nuremberg Code
Extremely important article, it is very short and an easy read.

President Clinton Public Apology for human experiments
Those who cross the lines from legal to illegal, ethical to unethical, not only hide under the professions as whole, but also have well greased mechanisms in place to ensure that it remains hidden form scrutiny.

Timeline Electromagnetic Weapons

Actual Statements from Presidential Commission
Children, experimentation, and mind control.

Insider Speaks Out: Electromagnetic Effects on Brain
Ret. British military intelligence scientist interview: covering reality and effects of Directed Energy Weapons.

Silent Sound and V2K( Voice to Skull): Confirmed and In Production
Sound bypasses the ear drum.

100 Patents
Inventions that effect thoughts, emotions, memory, and thinking from external sources.


Patent that Dates Back to the 70's

Boston Globe's Article on Brain Computer Interface and Funding

US Congressman Kucinich Introduced Legislation in 2001

SSec7 Definitions.(III) & (IV) (II)
The use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information, war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations...


Decades of CIA Human Experimentation
Includes information on a veterans’ law suit against the CIA.

Great Find
Truly Declassified Documents
MK ULTRA and Human Experimentation

Support Site with Conference Calls

French Government Bans WiFi in Schools; Requires that No Child Under the Age of 8 Should Be Exposed to WiFi Electromagnetic Radiation.

It should be noted that some European countries use the age of 16 rather than 8. This helps convey the dangers of EMR even in these amounts, especially to young people.

Russian Law draft describes psychotronic weapons in detail
Helps convey that it is not an individual and not exclusive to the US. when attempting to address technology that now is developed to the point that it can adversely effect human-beings brains, minds, and bodies.

Russia Wants Ban on HAARP Testing
Piece from Provda, a Russian Newspaper

Great Technical Information Link

These Are the People Who Research and Develop What Adversely Affects the General Public

Neuroscience-EGE Report: Implants in the Human Body
This report a good report on the subject; it describes a spectrum of human implantable microchip technology.

Decades of Published Evidence of Microchip Technology and Symptoms

Personal note: I am under mind-bending effects from what they employ. Also, this site will include voice files in the near future to save visitors time.
I am suffering badly today from the harm and hardship they have, and are, inflicting 8/10/10. I do suffer on an ongoing basis.












Psychotronic weapon is defined as the brain nervous system of the human organism, targeted individual, being affected. They can override, mimic, and disrupt the brains normal electrical activity. Today there is multiple ways to accomplish this from Psychotronic, directed energy weapons (DEW), to microscopic computer chips based on nanotechnology. Growing out of earlier government mind control research programs such as MKULTRA, and government suppression-of-dissent programs such as COINTELPRO, today's mind control is covert, finely crafted, around the clock harassment perpetrated against citizens living in their homes and communities. It is those who had the propensity to act in this hideous way through the decades, along with anyone involved that have the ability to use not only these technologies, but the systems that enable the covert use of unwitting victims, also called targeted individuals.

  • On non harmful, and non invasive front, Northrop is to have ready for deployment in the next year a system to augment a soldiers conscious mind, and threat assessment, by accessing the soldier's subconscious mind. Using a computer interface what the subconscious mind perceives verses what the conscious mind perceives will be analyzed, and the discrepancy will be relayed to the soldier's conscious mind. A very general example to convey this capability would be as you sit in a chair and watch TV you have lost a lot of awareness, detail, of you surroundings. If the system was engaged it would alert you to movement, or what perceived threat your subconscious mind has registered and your conscious mind has not, at that point the computer would alert your conscious mind. Northrop refers to it as HORNET (Human-aided Optical Recognition/Notification of Elusive Threats). "HORNET leverages the latest advances in real-time coupling of human brain activity with automated cognitive neural processing to provide superior target detection," says Michael House, Northrop exec in charge of brain-hat blackhat-detector kit. As a soldier sweeps his surroundings in the hostile combat zones of 2012, "a custom helmet equipped with electroencephalogram electrodes placed on the scalp" will be checking what his subconscious mind makes of what it is seeing. At this point you quickly begin to become comfortable with not only the terminology, capabilities, and existence, but also unlike this non invasive product what invasive techniques have produced that were in total disregard for the well being of the unwitting victims.

The pentagon calls this mind reading technology SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY, although there is nothing paranormal about it at all. To the CIA and N.S.A. "MIND CONTROL" means influencing the behavior of an individual, and creating or remolding victims personality towards desired state. This information can be a help not only explaining why the terminology that is used was develop many times many decades ago, but how easy it is to leverage it against the victim when used out of context. The the term mind control was created by the intelligence departments in the 1950's. Today there is not only an understanding, and ability to effect human beings brains in these ways, but there is an understanding, and ability how to glean and interrupt the brains activity. Typified by Newsweek's Cover Story 1/3/2000, interview with Lockheed Martin's neuroscientist Dr. Norseen in the next to last paragraph the Pilot is told ninety degrees, but thinks eighty degrees in a noninvasive way the computer picks up the mistake .What needs to be kept in mind is that it is the less than ethical that have continually used unwitting victims. Exponentially more data "brain activity" can be gleaned invasive, although there is harm to the human organism.

Nano chips and nano bots can be inserted into a person by means of an injection, capsule, or tooth filling these computer chips can track the implanted person by radio or microwaves. These microscopic computer chips can also be made invisible to detection by means of C.A.T. [ Computerized Axial Tomography ], M.R.I. [ Magnetic Resonance Imaging ], and P.E.T. [ Positron Emission Tomography ] scans, by some means of electromagnetic degaussing. With the latest, many times, top secret, and rapidly changing technological advancements available, the need for microscopic computer implants in conducting synthetic telepathy against targeted persons is no longer necessary, some consider it obsolete. Rather, a system of subliminal, subconscious, wireless microwave remote control is used today against targeted individuals suffering from synthetic telepathy harassment. Synthetic Telepathy is used for conducting torture training and/or experimentation against people as red herring "good cop/bad cop" or tough love acting, diversions, feints, decoys, and smokescreens, as smear campaigns by association, as openly secret intimidation campaigns against targeted dissidents, and as a means of espionage. Washington Post Statement It Is Not Just the Imagining Of The Mentally Ill Any Longer.

The technologies they employ can pick up the private thoughts given by individuals in the vibrations produced by the brains electrical impulses, and these thoughts can be broadcast by means of microwave transceivers, infrasound and ultrasound transceivers, satellites, and any other form of technology which uses electromagnetic transfer, i.e. television, radio, the internet, and the telephone. The desired model human for the elite of the world, or, "the Illuminati", is caused over time and appliable to the masses, human's who are more steerable, and without personal characteristics. A stupefied, dumbed down person. They are also aggressive in ensuring there is little ability to question, or contest, the use of technology, methods, and techniques that disrupt, mimic, or override the brains of a person or population they target. This secures the interests of the elite of the world, who push, more times than not, the agenda of the New World Order. So they can lead our lives through changing times the way they want.

With an extreme high degree of probability they cease the opportunity to attack a household, especially in decades past. The programs have been carefully engineered in the event the target becomes aware, complains, or attempts to bear witness. It needs to always be kept in mind they use these technologies to ensure that family members are conditioned, have built in blocks, triggers, or in general are effected. Family members are effected in these ways ensuring that over time they do not realize how conditioned the response / interaction is with the the unwitting victim, targeted individual, that has had it raised above the awareness threshold.
The control programs aim to destroy families, or other support systems, due to it leaves the victim that much more isolated and vulnerable. If the target complains, especially before they are aware they are complaining about only a piece of the program, by intentional design their own words will cause it to seem what they were attempting to convey was that of someone who had a metal illness.

The FBI and NSA agents who are part of a secret U.S. society work within an outside agenda. They are with a high degree of probability sociopaths and psychopaths. They also can be the stalkers, slanderers, torturers, sexual abusers and agent provocateurs involved in murders and torture of hundreds of thousands of innocent US citizens for years and years. Cointelpro, COunter-INTELligence-PROgram, units make available at times and employ top secret technology. Operators can broadcast the emotions and silent words of the victims of synthetic telepathy against the victims will, to anyone the synthetic telepathy torturers choose. They also have the power to block or censor any emotions and words of their victims which they do not want to be broadcast. The synthetic telepathy spies can also place their own criminal or antisocial, negative emotions and words into their victims by means of subliminal, subconscious, remote control microwave brainwashing technology. They can change the voice behind their words so as to make it appear that it is the targeted victim and not perpetrators who are communicating by means of synthetic telepathy, clearly explained by today's technologies. They can also store emotions and silently thought words onto a supercomputer memory bank which they can rebroadcast at a later time.